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the human resources strategy for researchers

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have better working conditions

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of action plan


Implementation’s scopes of HRSR4 SAS

In order to harmonize procedures in the individual SAS Institutes with the principles of the Charter0 and the Code, implementation will be carried out in the above-mentioned 45 actions. The compliance rate varies from the SAS Institute to the SAS Institute, so the implementation of the action plan will be tailored to the real needs of the particular SAS Institute. A great emphasis will be placed on sharing best practices between the SAS Institutes. Most of the measures taken at central level will have a framework or recommendation character and the SAS Institutes will be left free to take their own measures to match their current situation and needs. The SAS Institutes will be provided with the necessary synergies and methodological support. The implementation plan, as well as check of achieved objectives will be controlled quarterly.


In order to ensure proper implementation, a working group will be created which will work closely with the SAS Institutes, the SAS Presidium and various departments or divisions within the SAS Office.

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